We have been manufacturing our general purpose contractor turbidity curtain, “Contractors Curtain”, with skirt depths ranging from 0.5 to 6m for over 15 years. During this time we have manufactured over 350,000km of this product and it has become an industry benchmark.

Over this time we have made progressive improvements in both design and manufacturing process which ensures it provides an efficient but cost effective solution for all types of waterfront works. This curtain is designed for use on general marine construction projects in sheltered water environments such as enclosed ports and harbours, creeks, rivers dams etc.

Beer Creek 042IPRboom

The contractors curtain is manufactured in 15m lengths it can be factory assembled and delivered in pallet skids of up to 500 lineal metres factory pre-joined. If provided with the environmental conditions at the deployment location we are able to model the suitability of the contractors curtain for your project or alternatively provide guidance as to the most suitable product.

Heavy Contractors curtain for deployment Wagga WTP intake construction. High flow river moored with 50kg anchor kits

Before you make a commitment check our pricing and depending on quantity free transport may be available.

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