Adiemas Services maintains an internal capacity to manufacture short or long run customised hard float booms using our own mould making and manufacturing equipment. Adiemas has developed our internal moulding capability to overcome issues with quality control from 3rd party providers (inconsistent shell thickness leading to leaking floats, water logging of foam filling) and to enable prompt provision of optimum solutions.

Unlike non specialised boom float manufacturers we use both high carbon content HDPE (not LLDPE) or polypropylene for our float construction.

These have either EPS or XPS foam cores suited to the specific application. Both of these fill materials have a high resistance to water absorption. Two part PU foaming systems traditionally used for filling of rotationally moulded products have a high potential of water absorbency. XPS is chemical resistant and is the standard fill product for our hydrocarbon boom floats

We have hard moulded floatation systems ranging from 30kgs of buoyancy per metre (200mm freeboard floats) up to 180kgs of buoyancy per metre (500mm freeboard floats)

PLEASE NOTE: Adiemas boom floats are only supplied as integrated components of Adiemas Boom Systems