Water Treatment Baffles and Dewatering Bags

Adiemas is able to provide prompt, customised and cost effective geotextile and geomembrane solutions to the water treatment industry. Our water treatment product range includes the design, fabrication and installation of:

  • Floating treatment pond baffles single open end, double open end or closed end with flow through windows
  • Floating treatment pond stub baffles: to find out how stub baffles work please contact us
  • Floating scum baffles
  • Fixed tank hanging tank baffles
  • Rigid fixed baffles using >6mm HDPE or PP sheeting
  • Dewatering Bags up 100m long x >30m circumference
  • Dewatering containment pads
  • HDPE and PP Liner repairs
  • HDPE and PP Moulded Liner pipe boots

Whilst we specialise in the factory fabrication of reinforced polypropylene treatment baffle systems, we can produce these products using HDPE membranes, oil resistance reinforced PVC and polyurethane materials.

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For more images of the floating baffles scope of work completed go to our Baffles: Floating baffle page
For more information on our water treatment product range please contact us.