Boom Anchor Kits

Adiemas manufactures purpose designed turbidity curtain anchor systems. The anchors (mud/silt and hard bottom styles) are designed for high holding exceeding that of off the self boating anchors.

Kits are configured with ground chains, mooring pendants and buoys in sizes ranging from 10kg to 250 kg. The anchors may be galvanised or finished in black.

A set of 18 of 15 kg contractors curtain anchor kits prior to palletising for shipment

Boom Reels and Reelable Booms

For the contractor who has to regularly deploy and recover construction booms, Adiemas has developed a competitively priced robust galvanised steel reel system.

Depending on the size and type of boom to be used standard reels are available with flange diameters from 1m to 2m and overall widths to 2.4m (larger sizes on request)


Pallet sized handy pack boom reels holding 60m of 300mm fence boom for quick deployment.
(these reels will hold up to 90m of 300mm fence boom)