Local Product Content

Adiemas is a solutions focussed product designer, developer and manufacturer not resellers our products are designed and fabricated in our own workshop to industry best practice.

We undertake in-house design, prototyping, testing proceeding to manufacture, fabrication and installation of a range of environmental control products. As knowledge and understanding of product performance through practical experience evolves we frequently update product design to incorporate improvements and maintain leading edge performance.

We pride ourselves on having the highest local content of equivalent products available in Australia. This allows us to more effectively control the quality of the base components used in the manufacture of products.
  • some the reinforced coated fabrics we use are produced in Australia (were local product complies to our standards)
  • the woven polyester skirt fabrics and grout bag materials are NSW produced
  • some of the non woven geo-textiles are produced in NSW and Queensland
  • all the reinforcing webbing is produced in either Victoria and NSW
  • the floatation foam for buoyancy is sourced from plants in NSW and QLD
  • to ensure our quality control standards are complied with, in our own facilities in NSW
    • we mould our own hard float components using HDPE thick sheet moulding systems
    • where applicable we utilise CAD/CAM/CNC systems to ensure consistent repetition for component trimming and cut out
    • we fabricate all metal components, fittings and fixtures including anchors from CNC Plasma or laser cut components where applicable
    • and configure all components to produce completed products
  • our capacity includes
    • self propelled sewing machines using up to 1.7mm cordage as sewing thread (note heavy duty products may be sewn using braided dyneema high strength threads)
    • static walking foot machines sewing ISO4915 type 301 and 401 stitches in thread >#348
    • HF, Wedge, Extrusion and hot air plastic welding systems including Weldmaster T series
Whilst every effort is used to locally source components unfortunately some items are just not available locally.