Custom Designed Heavy Duty Silt Curtains

A common question is: Do Turbidity Curtains work? The answer is yes and more so when they are properly designed and engineered to suit the environmental conditions and type of operations where they are to be deployed. ABBCo heavy duty marine curtains have been the product of choice for critical projects where performance and effectiveness is the primary consideration. We are able to properly consider all of the environmental inputs required for a specific installation and produce a purpose designed, fit for purpose product for your project.

DSC_0004PB Aerial W2
Port Botany Expansion dredging and reclamation > 4500m skirt to 12m supplied and installed

Kempsey floodplain bridge construction > 650m hire boom supplied for rock platform removal
Elizabeth Quay WA reclamation/dredging and waterfront construction >2000m supplied to project
Wilson River NSW Cofferdam and bridge construction >1000m to 5m depth heavy curtain

To enable us to design an application specific turbidity curtain we require the following information:

  • Depth of water where the curtain is to be deployed
  • Depth of the curtain required
  • The length of curtain required
  • Duration or period of deployment this allows us to include a margin for deterioration over time
  • Water current (maximum) in the area and direction relative to the deployed curtain
  • Wind speed (maximum) in the area and direction relative to the deployed curtain
  • Waves data please include: the maximum wave height, the wave period in seconds (time between peaks) and the wave length in metres (distance between peaks)

From this information we are able to provide you with
  • Longitudinal loading on curtain and the nominal tension member strength
  • We calculate wind, current and wave loadings
  • Nominal skirt strength required as a consequence of wave and current loadings
  • Mooring block size and the interval between the moorings
  • Length and strength of mooring system/assemblies to be used
  • Nominal floatation size to ensure that adequate buoyancy is provided to prevent submergence when under the load of current/waves

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