Floating Silt Curtains for Rock Platform Construction & Removal

Adiemas has extensive experience in the containment of fines from bridge construction rock platform installation and removal, particularly where high tidal flow and flood conditions occurs. Assemblies also can be manufactured to provide progressive encapsulation of platforms as they are constructed mitigating the potential for natural river sediments to be deposited in the platform structure whilst it is being constructed, therefore minimising their remobilisation during platform removal. Multi curtain placement using our optimised buoyancy HDPE hard floats together high strength full depth skirts and heavy ballasting (up to 20 kg/m) ensure positive control of suspended solids.

Our heavy duty curtain to full water depth with an excavator working right to the toe of the curtain
Tidal stream in this location >2kts in a river subjected to flooding at short notice
We are able to optimise curtain design to allow very close proximity excavation (Pic left above shows 40 Tonne Komatsu
working at 4.5m depth against curtain toe) the flood came (pic right above) all moorings where dropped and over
500m of curtain was towed out of the water and up the haul road using an off road dump truck suffering
minimal damage in approximately 2 hours. The curtain was tied off to the bridge piles
on the flood plain whilst the flood plain was submerged. After the water abated
the curtain was returned to position and the platform removal was completed.

To see a youtube video of the excavator working on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGJB1RQvURU

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