Dredging Shrouds/Moonpools for Turbidity Control

Adiemas designs and constructs specialised dredging shrouds for the dredging of sensitive areas and contaminated substrates using backacters, bucket dredges, barge mounted tracked excavators using both buckets and dredging pumps. They are manufactured from robust HDPE with a fixed depth initial skirt (1.5m) they are able to be fitted with variable depth flexible skirts subject to the operational water depths. Additional skirting is fitted subject to specific project requirements. These skirts are configured to minimise the pumping action caused by the working grab or bucket.

Dredging frame elizabeth quay 2014 on bargeDredging frame elizabeth quay 2014
Shrouds assembled on site and lifted to place using excavator/bucket dredge
EQWA Dredge Shrouds-1EQWA Dredge Shrouds-2
Dredging Shrouds in use Elizabeth Quay WA

The units are demountable can be transported in standard 20 and 40’ containers subject to frame size.
They are constructed in a range of sizes from 5mx5m to 25mx25m and may be configured with opening sections for use as pile driving shrouds or alternatively as spreader pontoon skirts.

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