Adiemas is able to design and fabricate a range of support equipment for the marine construction and dredging industries. Our experience includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Sea bed leveling and profiling ploughs. We have engineered a number high performance box type levelling ploughs with replaceable teeth and cutting edges
  • Water injection plough systems for the mobilisation of soft silts and clearance of silt accumulation over services armour protection
  • Spreader pontoon setups including diffuser heads for reclamation operations
  • Barge of Opportunity fall pipe rock lay systems utilising adjustable depth fall pipes to limit impact force when armouring cables and pipelines
  • Underwater pumpable geotextile berms for spoil ground containment in applications where available berm construction material slump is excessive
  • Barge bunding utilising heavy duty 10mm HDPE profiles for winches and power packs on barges of opportunity

Spreader pontoons and diffusers

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