Floating Configured Baffle Systems

We specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of complex configured baffle systems.

The performance of existing lagoon systems can be augmented through the installation of a baffle system which will use the existing inlets and outlets.


Pictured is an installation where a lagoon (having inlet on one end and the outlet on the centre side bank) was divided into 4 cells:

  • Primary Aeration Cell (located at the inlet end)
  • Transfer cell (centre side opposite outlet)
  • Secondary Aeration Cell
  • Exit Cell
Each of these cells was interconnected with via 2m long x 1m deep flow through windows fitted with mullins (to maintain dimensional stability)

Note: System configured from 2 x 39m contoured baffles with a 20m transverse baffle with an operational skirt depth of 3.5m. All fabrication and configuration undertaken off site to minimise disruption to clients onsite activities. Install time 2 days including installation of mooring footings.

Aeration Pond Baffle System

Aeration Ponds can be optimised using single baffles fitted with flow through windows


Leachate Lagoon divided into 2 cells, baffle fitted with regulating (open/close) flow through window