Exercise Improved Control in a Water Treatment System with Hanging Baffles

Clean water free from pollutants and other contaminants is an essential resource; without it, we lack access to everything from drinking water to irrigation for agricultural crops. However, it is very easy for water to become "dirty," carrying with it numerous dissolved solids and other particles that must be professionally removed. While complex and technological water treatment plants work on a large scale, there is often a large amount of water treatment work performed on a much smaller scale, such as in holding ponds and pools. Effective treatment remains important here, and using the correct water treatment baffle system can make quick work of settling out solids.

The purpose of either floating or hanging baffles is simple: redirecting the flow of water through a tank to improve efficiency (increasing detention time) and to help settle out suspended solids, or to assist in mixing during the chlorination process. They can also find use in reducing surface scum (waste water installations), plus many other applications depending on the specific treatment environment. Ideally, a system for water treatment that uses hanging baffles will require less maintenance over its lifetime. The best way to ensure that is to use a product that aligns with the needs of your tank. Not every retention pond or holding tank demands the same product. At Adiemas Services Pty Ltd., we can design and manufacture baffles from a diverse set of materials to strict client specifications.

Water treatment baffles for many purposes

We typically create baffles from reinforced polypropylene or HDPE membrane, fabricating these systems to suit each customer request. However, we understand that not every situation demands the same type of material. If your facility must contend with oily water, we will create very strong elvaloy or polyurethane baffles that offer reliable resistance to oil.

Do you need baffles installed in a location other than an above-ground retention pond or lagoon? Our crews are adept at creating and installing these systems within underground facilities such as chlorine contact or clearwater tanks. The Adiemas Services team can configure these baffles for wastewater treatment facilities and potable water systems. Controlling water in a place you cannot see requires confidence in your installations. From engineering the solution to putting it into practice, we aim to build that confidence into your finished product.

Rely on the experience of Adiemas Services

Well-engineered and efficient water treatment systems are among the most important components of infrastructure. Maintaining the ability to control BOD levels and suspended solids or encourage the correct mixing of untreated water with chemicals is crucial, and not every scenario calls for a standard "in stock" set of water treatment baffles. Adiemas Services Pty Ltd brings decades of experience in considering the specific demands of the facility in question. From design and manufacturing to installation, we ensure only quality results at each step of our process.