Why a Stormwater Treatment Baffle Curtain System by Adiemas Services Pty Ltd Would be an Asset for Your Facility

No settlement in Australia is a stranger to tumultuous weather conditions and, unfortunately, when storms strike our area, we need to act fast to prevent disasters. As a developed and affluent nation, Australia has many well-manufactured water management systems in place to prevent flooding in towns and cities, though flooding may still occur under extreme conditions. One of the biggest challenges we face in the aftermath of a storm is ensuring that stormwater doesn't contaminate our waterways.

Stormwater can be highly acidic and contain contaminants that threaten local ecosystems, waterways, and ultimately our health, and it can also mix with other forms of wastewater. If stormwater isn't captured and treated, the effects on agriculture alone could be devastating, which is why the Australian government sets strict guidelines for stormwater facilities to follow. Should your plant fail to comply with relevant regulations, the results could be costly, meaning you might require assistance from professionals in marine pollution response products.

At Adiemas Services Pty Ltd, we design and manufacture solutions including baffles, silt curtains, and booms for the water management and treatment industries. Based on our decades of experience, we can tailor a solution that will cater to your requirements, regardless of complexity. If you need a stormwater treatment baffle curtain that puts up stiff resistance to corrosion, our qualified and highly trained professionals can assist. Below, we take a look at some of the primary benefits a stormwater treatment baffle system delivers.

The Advantages of a Stormwater Treatment Baffle Curtain System

Our treatment baffles slow down the rate of water flow, which allows for lengthened treatment times and helps reduce the movement of sediment. A stormwater treatment baffle system ensures you can meet your TSS and BOD targets to comply with the law, and it could protect local waterways and ecosystems from contamination.

In addition to helping you do your job efficiently, stormwater baffle curtain solutions can be installed by our professionals quickly, meaning you won't experience any more disruption to your operations than necessary. Thanks to our team of fully qualified and highly trained individuals, we can usually install baffle systems in under a week.

Even though baffles are relatively easy for our employees to install, they are guaranteed to last for years with little interference. We design our solutions to meet your particular requirements, and we manufacture them to precise specifications to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. We build stormwater baffles with UV and corrosion resistance in mind, meaning that we can cater to your needs no matter how demanding.

Learn More about Stormwater Treatment Systems

Baffles are just as useful for treating stormwater as they are for wastewater, and they can also be used in oxidation tanks, clarifiers, reservoirs, and more. If you want to be sure that your system will prove to be a worthwhile investment, you need to contact a manufacturer that doesn't make mistakes. If you only settle for the best, call the professionals at Adiemas Services Pty Ltd for more information.