Why You Can Trust Adiemas Services Pty Ltd for Marine, Open Water, and Ocean Booms

If you're in the business of maritime wreck removal, you likely already understand the difficulties in operating in open water. You need marine booms that will remain in one place to allow for comfortable working, and you may also need them to prevent debris and sediment from increasing the hybridity to the point where it's impossible to see what you're doing. Some open water booms are made from two-part FU foaming systems, but these materials have been known to absorb water and compromise the buoyancy of the boom in severe situations.

Some companies take an innovative approach to building ocean booms to ensure they won't let you down regardless of the length or complexity of the project. Instead of using the traditional EPU foaming systems, the most modern booms consist of CCPE or XPS foam cores depending on the intended application. The primary advantage of CCPE and XPS foam is that these materials are highly resistant to water absorption and chemical corrosion, meaning that even if you're working in waters contaminated from wreckage, you'll still be able to work efficiently.

At Adiemas Services Pty Ltd, we are a company that uses both CCPE and XPS foam to manufacture marine booms, and thanks to having over three decades of industry experience, we're the perfect company to decide which material suits your requirements the best. We collaborate with all our clients throughout the design and implementation stages to ensure we exceed expectations consistently, and should you ever have any questions regarding our solutions, our professionals are only a phone call away.

Why Choose Us for Open Water Booms

We've earned a reputation for precision and excellence since we started building ocean booms independently back in 1997. Since then, we've manufactured booms, silt curtains, and baffles for a broad range of purposes and clients. Whatever your needs, we can deliver, and you can trust us – as so many others do – for the following reasons:

  • We have decades of experience: We've been operating independently for the last 20 years, but we've been involved with the design and development of marine pollution response products since 1982. We have a combined experience that rivals all our competitors, so you can trust that we're among the most knowledgeable companies in our industry.
  • We use the very best materials available: We utilise the most advanced materials on the market to manufacture marine booms guaranteed to remain functional and practical for as long as required.
  • We work efficiently: We know that when it comes to wreckage removal, you can't afford to wait weeks for the supplier to build your ocean booms, which is why we endeavour to complete your solution within a few days, from initial design to implementation.

Contact Adiemas Services Pty Ltd to Learn More about Open Water Booms

We win a significant portion of our commercial and industrial clients through referrals, and the primary reason customers refer us is that making mistakes is something we don't do. We understand how crucial it is to manufacture the correct solution the first time, so contact us when you need ocean booms guaranteed to survive for as long as required.