Using Floating Silt Curtains to Prevent Water Contamination and Regulatory Penalties During Dredging Projects

Dredging is an essential process for several reasons. It helps keep bodies of water clear of sediment, debris, and other unwanted junk. It helps maintain depths of channels and waterways for safe passage of ships, and it helps keep fish and other underwater wildlife safe from dangerous contaminants that can build up in bodies of water over time. The dredging and removal of contaminants can help keep waters safe for humans as well.

The Importance of Silt Curtain Dredging

Without a floating water silt curtain, though, dredging is risky. The process of dredging involves removing accumulated sediment from the bottom of lakes, rivers, streams, harbours, and other bodies of water. Unfortunately, to remove these accumulations from the body of water, dredging companies depending on the techniques must disturb the sediments, dig them up and move them towards the surface. Often CSD and TSD techniques have minimal impact at the cutter heads, however, in or near-shore spoil dumps often required a combination of subsea bonding and sediment curtains to control turbidity dispersion. Conversely the use of backhoe or grab dredges generally require some form of turbidity control at the dredge site as well as the dump site it’s all too easy for turbidity to disperse and diffuse throughout the water. Adiemas Services manufactures grab dredge moon pools and skirts for floating pipe impoundments in addition to customised curtains for spoil grounds

Therein lays the importance of the dredging silt curtain. Without a silt curtain, the turbidity can rapidly spread posing a threat to marine ecosystems. With a silt curtain, though—either an impermeable or a filtering device for controlling suspended solids and preventing their dispersal—it is far easier to dredge bodies of water safely and efficiently.

Using the Finest Floating Silt Curtains in Your Company’s Dredging Jobs

If your business deals with dredging bodies of water, then you probably already know all about the reasons behind dredging, the importance of water silt curtains and have had experiences with inadequate, inefficient or poorly made silt curtains.

At Adiemas Services Pty Ltd, we want to give your team a better experience with silt curtain dredging. We are a manufacturer of both general use and custom water silt curtain solutions. We know how different factors—such as water depth, wind speed, waves, current and tidal patterns—can influence the level of complexity required to be included in the environmental control systems and silt curtains. We also know how those factors affect the design of a silt curtain and design our curtains to include these factors, however the result is only as good as the accuracy of the information we receive.

When you work with us for your floating silt curtain needs, you will get a silt curtain that is fit for purpose for your project. We can work with you to craft a water pollution control device that won’t fail mid-project. We know that every project is different - The construction of our water silt curtains is tailored specifically to your project.

Poor or substandard environmental controls can lead to more than just contaminated water or damaged ecosystems. They can cause expensive delays and can also give regulators reason to penalise your business, which can mean expensive fines and burnt bridges. Since water quality issues tend to receive intense media coverage, a dredging mishap on your part could irreparably damage your company’s reputation.

A custom floating silt curtain from Adiemas Services will help to prevent these outcomes. Simply put, our devices keep the sediment where it needs to be throughout your project. Contact us today to learn more.