Deploy a Floating Water Silt Barrier That Adequately Fulfils Your Regulatory Obligations

Safeguarding water quality and providing appropriate management of run-off or debris are two responsibilities that every company must respect when conducting work in marine environments. Once a material enters the water, it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent it from dispersing over a wide area. Well-designed solutions such as a floating silt barrier are often necessary for a project to proceed responsibly. Adiemas Services Pty Ltd has extensive capabilities in the design and manufacturing of textile barriers that offer high performance even in critical environments. Regardless of the type of barrier needed, we can bring together the correct elements to satisfy your team’s core requirements.

Identifying the need for a floating barrier is just one step. Knowing exactly what your operation will require is the next. This is where our problem-solving abilities become a strong asset. We have helped many clients to determine the type of solution required to satisfy the project’s environment and the associated level of performance. Furnishing your operations with the right silt barrier requires first developing an understanding of the site conditions. We must also assess what level of performance you expect from the barrier. Consider a few of the main factors we take into account when designing your solution.

Silt barrier solutions that match the job

The depth of the water in the work area and the required depth of the silt barrier will be two of the most important factors in determining the exact product you require. A barrier may not need to reach all the way to the bottom to effectively control silt; in other cases, it may be a necessity. The maximum rate of current flow in the area is important information to gather. Some materials and construction types are not meant to endure strong currents. Considering the water conditions before installation will ensure the barrier remains in place during the project.

Let us know how long you need to control silt in the water. We can plan accordingly to manufacture a product that can last throughout the requested period without deteriorating to the point of failure. With this and more information considered, we can devise the solution that best fits your scenario. Sometimes, that might be a simple solution from off the shelf. When it isn't, our team makes it happen.

Matching solutions to specific situations every day

Controlling sediment and segregating water columns to allow for adequate settling and filtration to create a reduction in TSS is a complex task. Solutions that do not measure up to the working conditions on site will complicate things further. With Adiemas Services Pty Ltd providing your operation with a custom manufactured water silt barrier, managing the local marine environment's turbidity becomes much simpler.

We provide prompt and professional installation services alongside our manufacturing capabilities, delivering a more efficient service from the moment of initial contact with our clients. Seeking technical advice, or feeling uncertain about which solution your project demands? We can help.