From Minor Sediment Dredging to Major Contaminated Material Dredging, Adiemas Services and Our Water Sediment Curtains Can Help

Does your business practice water body dredging? Whether your typical project involves minor maintenance dredging or heavier dredging operations, there is a good chance Adiemas Services Pty Ltd can help. We have extensive experience in dredging and can provide your team with floating sediment curtains and other pollution control equipment that will make your projects a bit more manageable.

Assessing the Complexity and Scope of Your Project

No two dredging projects are quite the same. This lesson is something that we have learned at Adiemas Services from years of working in the industry. Every time you start a dredging project, it is essential to ask a rather lengthy series of questions. How calm is the water at the proposed dredging site? What are the currents like and how do they change? Are there breeding habitats or other sensitive ecosystems nearby? What about coral reefs? Do the waters where you are dredging see frequent public use?

Asking these questions will help your team determine the complexity of the dredging project. The answers—combined with facts and figures about the amount of debris, sediment, and other materials to be dredged—should give you clues as to what equipment you will need. From there, you can go about selecting the most suitable sediment curtains and other environmental controls you need. Having fit for purpose systems in place will help you execute the project safely, efficiently and in compliance with all regulatory standards.

Water Sediment Curtains, Dredge Pipe Joint Bunding and Other Essential Gear: Count on Adiemas Services as Your Project Supplier

At Adiemas Services Pty Ltd, we are happy to help you with your dredging project by supplying the advice, devices and tools you need to get it done. From floating sediment curtains to pumpable groyne tubes to underlay mats to dewatering bags, we can provide equipment for every step of the process.

For heavier dredging projects, you may need customised equipment. Projects that involve things like rock laying, cable burial, foreshore stabilisation or dredging of contaminated materials are big jobs with lots of logistical challenges. Adiemas Services can provide custom sediment curtains and other tools necessary to get the job done without jeopardising underwater ecosystems.

For lighter, more minor dredging projects, there is a good chance that we already have an off-the-shelf solution ready to go. Dredging is used all the time as a critical maintenance step for waterways and other water bodies. This maintenance can lead to contamination and lapses in compliance if you are careless about it. With water sediment curtains and other equipment from Adiemas Services, though, you should be able to fulfil the terms of your contract without getting into trouble with regulatory authorities.

For 35 years, Adiemas Services have been professionals in sediment curtain dredging, but more specifically sediment control of dredging. No matter the size, scope, or logistical hurdles of your project, we can help you achieve the project’s environmental requirements. To learn more about our company, our past projects, and our experience with sediment curtain dredging, feel free to contact us directly.