How Floating Boom Barriers can effectively manage water-borne debris

At Adiemas Services Pty Ltd., we have spent the past 35 years developing and designing robust marine pollution management products. We have designed and installed debris, exclusion and oil containment booms for power station intakes and outlets, urban parkland stormwater channels, drinking water uptakes in rivers and swimmer and vessel exclusion. Depending on the application, these booms may be temporary, or a long-term installation requiring a more permanent solution.

ABBCo is able to design, manufacture and install permanent and temporary debris barriers.

These floating booms may be used for:

  • Control of heavy floating debris including logs and heavy weed mats on dams rivers and other waterways
  • Protection screening of industrial and power station water inlet and outlet channels for oil, debris and aquatic life
  • Protection of water supply inlet structures
  • Diversion of debris into catchment structures
  • Control of noxious aquatic weeds

Booming of saltbush and portcarb on oil field pondage- Weed and debris containment on stormwater channel
containing debris from old wharves - Stormwater debris at port inferface channel

LOG BOOM: Our heavy log booms have a 500mm x 10mm thick high impact HDPE float system not standard rotomoulder’s LLDPE resins which compromise impact strength, UV, abrasion resistance and other performance criteria on the basis of manufacturers workability. Iif you are looking for a log boom with stainless mesh skirt and 500mm diameter heavy wall float elements we can help.

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We design floating Debris booms to meet unique client demands – No Two are ever the same.

An improperly sized boom may not be effective in elevated water velocities may not cover the correct area, or it may be difficult to appropriately anchor in place. An experienced manufacturer and service provider ensures that the product selected for containment is exactly what the application needs.

Therefore accuracy to the design and faithfulness in manufacturing execution are crucial for delivering products our clients can trust. As a result, we place a strong emphasis on high-quality production techniques, including fabricating all metal components in-house with HDPE moulding capability for floatation elements. Wherever possible, we source materials from within Australia, allowing us to deliver dependable solutions produced domestically.

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